The Last Quarter – Best or Worse Of Times?

The Last Quarter – Best or Worse Of Times?

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Wow this year has gone by so fast, I’m reflecting back on January 1st 2017, and how in my mind , I couldn’t believe that it was 2017, now now we are further in to the last quarter of the year. So my question is, since this is the last quarter do you think it is the best or worse time of the year?

I asked that because I believe that  this time of the year can be the worse and best of times , depending upon the type of mindset you possess. Regardless of the time or season remember that your energy flows where your mind goes and that’s the most important . Since we’re in or beyond the last quarter the of the year, I believe it’s time to go  harder in life and business.


The Last Quarter – Best or Worse Of Times? – The Best….

This can be the best of time , right about now. Reason for this is simple, around this time people seem to be in the holiday mode. In this last quarter their focus is mostly on food , games, gifts, spending (possibly wasting) money, drinking, and the list just goes on and on. You on the other can and will experience the bet of time because your not only focused on closing out a strong year , but also have been planning on crushing it for the year 2018 and beyond. One of the best ways to create the best of times is to think opposite of what everyone else is doing or will be doing. Real successful people don’t look at the last quarter a party time , they look at it as prosper time.

………..The Worst……  

so in this last quarter , it can be the worst for some people, especially for those that think party time, relax time. Some become overly emotional about the season, to the point that stress levels are higher around this time of the year, but always keep in mind that time waits for no man, and the last thing you want to do is sit around being emotional about what happened or what didn’t happen. Now is the time to dig deep inside yourself and make what could be the worst time of the year the best time for you and your family.


The Last Quarter – Best or Worse Of Times?

Here is a few things to do this last quarter….

  1. Finish strong
  2. Start planning for next year
  3. Find a profitable niche
  4. Build your brand
  5. Think, eat, and drink healthy







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3 Steps on how to have success online!

3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 1)Be yourself and be honest with yourself

have success onlineIn dealing with this first step to have success online , I must say it has to be the most important step above all steps. The reason why I say this is because  so many people get lost in the process of trying to ( make it ) . We only live one time and one of the worst things that people can ever do is lose themselves. When you lose yourself you lose your integrity, and people in time will eventually pick up on the ficticious you versus the real you. To have success online doesnt have to be difficult , but one can make it a long hard road when your dishonesty with yourself.

A few questions to ask yourself in order to have success online:

  1. Do I believe I can do it?
  2. Will I be willing to sacrifice, be patient, learn, and implement?
  3. Will I maintain my integrity ?

…….If you answered yes to those few questions , chances are you will have success online.


3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 2)  Get a mentor/coach

have success onlineThat’s correct, in order to have success online , I cant stress it enough , please get a coach or a mentor. This step is vital and so overlooked by many. I must first admit that I didnt think it was important to have one in trying to have success online, but after having to struggle so much the light bulb finally went off. I realized I needed  coaching and mentorship. In order to have success online you need someone to guide you, some one who has been down your path, made it out , and is willing to help you . This may come with an investment , but think of it like this it will help to speed up the process for your success.


3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 3) Find a niche that is in demand

have success onlineThis step is the easiest because once you get step 1 and 2 in place , this should come naturally. It mostly will come from what you are passionate about. However because there  so many ways to have success online your passion and mentor will help you to narrow down and pinpoint a good opportunity, whether it will be a mlm, coaching , consulting,etc. Make sure it’s something lucritive  that will render a good residual, or at least something high ticket  that will funnel big payouts over and over.


PS- to have success online wont always be easy, even with these steps you will have some challenges, however, with these steps they will position you far ahead of the game.


Have success online











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