Perfection Is Overrated…

Perfection Is Overrated…

Perfection is overratedProcrastination is a business killer , in fact, it is a killer for progressing in anything in life. The crazy part about procrastination is it hides itself in many ways..You may ask , in what way or ways can it disguise itself?  Im glad you asked. Just to mention a few, How about laziness , fear, lack of faith, the feeling of not knowing enough, all these are commonly known in life and business. But the one excuse or way to procrastinate that you don’t hear much about is how procrastination is somtimes hidden in perfection . Yup , sounds crazy but its true. We sometimes get lost in perfection.

Perfection Is Overrated

Now please don’t misunderstand what I am saying , I believe we all should be striving for perfection, but understand this ,there will be bumps in the road along the way,


Because you can’t have perfection without imperfections first. It’s ok not to dot every i and cross every t. Instead of perfection, try striving for bettering your skills . This way you won’t fall into procrastination from failing to be perfect verses you simply growing in your skill level.

Perfection Is Overrated


…………Now that you can better understand that perfection is overrated it’s time to move forward in perfecting your craft without the fear of failing or making mistakes…..

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