It’s Your Time Now – Overcome Your fear/s and win in life and business!

It’s Your Time Now


That’s right  your heard it , it’s your time now. You only live one time so why not take advantage of the time that God has given you. One of the things I discover in talking to many different individuals there is a great amount of fear that exist in the mind of people, and that’s for various reasons. Let’s not forget that fear can handicap your future in a major way. I don’t claim to know it all but what I do know is that you can be physically able to succeed, have the intelligence needed, have the right system , all of the tools , bells and whistles, but if there is a fear factor dominating your mind , even with having all the attributes to succeed , you will still be stuck.


It’s Your Time Now – Your Time To Overcome it

your timeThat’s right you heard it. It’s your time, so you may be asking the question how do you overcome the fear. Let me tell you what Les Brown said ” feel the fear and do it anyway”. In the process of believing it’s your time , you will go through many obstacles and try many things to overcome your fears . I admit trying different strategies may help but the best strategy or advice  I believe is simply what Les said….

You see fear works in two ways when confronted with it:

  1. It will motive you or
  2. It will handicap you

But since it’s your time, let’s adopt the 1st choice and allow yourself to be motivated by it. Be like Les feel the the fear and do it anyway, in other words go forward in becoming a success it’s the best way to overcome by confronting  it and perform the task you fear. Yes it is easier said than done but anything challenging , when practiced enough will become easier done then said.


It’s Your Time Now- Tell Your Story

storyThat’s right you heard it, It’s your time . So the last thing to do as you start to overcome your fear/s and then overcome them completely, is to simply tell your story. Some people are afraid to tell their story because they feel it’s insignificant , or your story may be similar to someone else. But that’s the best time to tell it because there is still a world out there that will be touched by you and the value you bring to the table.  The great thing about the value you put in the cosmos is it’s there forever in the heart and mind of those you attract.


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