Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

do you have faith beyond the subsrciption?





There are many reasons why people fail in business. Here are some reasons:

  1. Lack of cash flow
  2. lack of getting started
  3. lack of mentorship/ support
  4. lack of being coachable
  5. lack of training
  6. lack of creativity
  7. lazy
  8. hanging with broke minded people
  9. lack of consistency
  10. waiting for the perfect time

and the list just goes on and on and on , but even with all of these reasons there is one main reason that I believe just out weighs them all, and is just simply lack of faith. Do you have faith beyond the subscription?

Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

It’s no doubt people want to succeed in any thing they venture out to do, but I have discovered something that is common among us , and even found it in me until I corrected it, which brings me to my question, do you have faith beyond the subscription?  I say that because we often fail at things the moment we sign up to start a business venture and for some it starts even before. You see there is that sensation of excitement when we see something that attracts our attention. We pull out out our credit cards, tell people about what we are doing, and then off to the races we go. Then just as quick as we sign up, reality hits, and all of that excitement seems to go out the window. You realize you have to actually put in work in order for it to work, lollll.


Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

So here it is guys, before you subscribe to anything it’s vitally important that you do a serious self analysis. You want to be able to see yourself being successful and excited beyond signing up. If not , guess what will happen? 

You will find yourself jumping from one thing to another, and never succeeding in anything, because your faith and success stops at the subscription, and you say things like what if this doesn’t work, or Ill just try it to see. You think of failing more than you do of succeeding. Let today be the day you start changing the way we see success for ourselves.


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do you have faith beyond the subscription?


Travis Thornton


3 Steps on how to have success online!

3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 1)Be yourself and be honest with yourself

have success onlineIn dealing with this first step to have success online , I must say it has to be the most important step above all steps. The reason why I say this is because  so many people get lost in the process of trying to ( make it ) . We only live one time and one of the worst things that people can ever do is lose themselves. When you lose yourself you lose your integrity, and people in time will eventually pick up on the ficticious you versus the real you. To have success online doesnt have to be difficult , but one can make it a long hard road when your dishonesty with yourself.

A few questions to ask yourself in order to have success online:

  1. Do I believe I can do it?
  2. Will I be willing to sacrifice, be patient, learn, and implement?
  3. Will I maintain my integrity ?

…….If you answered yes to those few questions , chances are you will have success online.


3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 2)  Get a mentor/coach

have success onlineThat’s correct, in order to have success online , I cant stress it enough , please get a coach or a mentor. This step is vital and so overlooked by many. I must first admit that I didnt think it was important to have one in trying to have success online, but after having to struggle so much the light bulb finally went off. I realized I needed  coaching and mentorship. In order to have success online you need someone to guide you, some one who has been down your path, made it out , and is willing to help you . This may come with an investment , but think of it like this it will help to speed up the process for your success.


3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 3) Find a niche that is in demand

have success onlineThis step is the easiest because once you get step 1 and 2 in place , this should come naturally. It mostly will come from what you are passionate about. However because there  so many ways to have success online your passion and mentor will help you to narrow down and pinpoint a good opportunity, whether it will be a mlm, coaching , consulting,etc. Make sure it’s something lucritive  that will render a good residual, or at least something high ticket  that will funnel big payouts over and over.


PS- to have success online wont always be easy, even with these steps you will have some challenges, however, with these steps they will position you far ahead of the game.


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