Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

do you have faith beyond the subsrciption?





There are many reasons why people fail in business. Here are some reasons:

  1. Lack of cash flow
  2. lack of getting started
  3. lack of mentorship/ support
  4. lack of being coachable
  5. lack of training
  6. lack of creativity
  7. lazy
  8. hanging with broke minded people
  9. lack of consistency
  10. waiting for the perfect time

and the list just goes on and on and on , but even with all of these reasons there is one main reason that I believe just out weighs them all, and is just simply lack of faith. Do you have faith beyond the subscription?

Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

It’s no doubt people want to succeed in any thing they venture out to do, but I have discovered something that is common among us , and even found it in me until I corrected it, which brings me to my question, do you have faith beyond the subscription?  I say that because we often fail at things the moment we sign up to start a business venture and for some it starts even before. You see there is that sensation of excitement when we see something that attracts our attention. We pull out out our credit cards, tell people about what we are doing, and then off to the races we go. Then just as quick as we sign up, reality hits, and all of that excitement seems to go out the window. You realize you have to actually put in work in order for it to work, lollll.


Do You Have Faith Beyond The Subscription?

So here it is guys, before you subscribe to anything it’s vitally important that you do a serious self analysis. You want to be able to see yourself being successful and excited beyond signing up. If not , guess what will happen? 

You will find yourself jumping from one thing to another, and never succeeding in anything, because your faith and success stops at the subscription, and you say things like what if this doesn’t work, or Ill just try it to see. You think of failing more than you do of succeeding. Let today be the day you start changing the way we see success for ourselves.


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do you have faith beyond the subscription?


Travis Thornton


Triumph Over Trials – Next Level Living

Triumph Over Trials – Next Level Living



Triumph Over Trials – Next Level Living

triumph over trials


Triumph over trials

it is more than just a fancy slogan, its a real testimony to those who have been through a real battle and survived. Who remembers the story of David and Goliath?

Well there are so many real revelations that come out of this story,and we can be encouraged to draw so much from it. But to get to the heart of the matter, David at the time was just taking care of his father’s sheep in the sheepcote, and there happened to be a quarrell going on between Israel and the Philistines. Everyone from Israel were shaking in their boots fro fear of this one man Goliath. However, here comes David , a ruddy young boy with crazy faith. He steps to the plate and offers his warrior skills, and not only does he defeat Goliath with one smooth stone , he seals the deal by beheading him, sounds gruesome doesn’t it lol? The moral of the story is he experienced triumph over trials.


Truimp over trials- Next Level Living

triumph over trialsSo here it is , you cant have next level living without trials. You cant triumph without trials, for they actually run hand and hand. These are the times in our lives that make us the champions that we know we can be. In this season of your life, go ahead and challenge yourself and just BECOME.

There is a champion inside of you that is waiting to come and triumph over trials, but the question is will you let that person come out?

nothing will ever change until we decide to change it by doing something different in our life. We only live  one time , and the thing that I discovered about people of great success is that they take small risks on a regular basis.


Triumph Over Trials – Next Level Living

Triumph over trials is what and who you are!!!!!

triumph over trials



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