Proud Moments Of Memory – Does $100 have power?

Proud Moments Of Memory

proud moments


I know everyone should have a proud moment in their life or many proud moments. I would venture to say that if a person hasn’t experienced and proud moments in their life , they really have not experienced life on the good side. These kinds of experiences are what helps to make life worth living, when you can look back and say I remember this or that and it have a positive lasting effect on you.


Proud Moments

Here is one of many  proud moments about a lady I want to tell you…….No worries Ill give you the short version of it….. Here she had her first child at the age of 17, and life was a bit difficult because her husband was away in the Navy at the time. After coming home and finishing up his duties, one would think that life would get better with many proud moments to encounter, when in fact , it was the complete opposite for her. For many years they struggled over and over, until they separated. After that the struggle just continued, only now she had two more children to deal with, and found herself having to work three jobs to take care of three children.

Life became extremely hard over the years…… but some kind of way , through faith she was able to survive with the many challenges that she was faced with.


Proud Moments Of Memory – Does $100 have power?

So there you have it folks, this undoubtedly is one of my best proud moments in my life, and even though pride in many cases is look upon as a negative, there are many, many things in life to be proud of in a good and positive way. On that day the $100 had power because the giving of it came with purpose.



Proud Moments Of Memory

proud moments

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SendOutCards Review


send out cards

Sendoutcards is a powerful product, and business

model. There’s something special about receiving a

card in the mail with the persons name on it. Why is

it so special you may ask? , it’s because it has

a personal touch when you see something tangible

and it is addressed to you. Of course all of us at some

point want to be made to feel special.





send out cardsWhat is Sendoutcards?

Since CEO Kody Bateman founded the company in

2003, SendOutCards has been changing people’s

lives one card at a time. They are an online greeting card and gift company with over 100 million cards

(and 3 million gifts) sent, making us the largest first-class mailing company in the U.S. and one of the

fastest growing network marketing companies in the world. The prompting to reach out and touch

someone’s life is something every person experiences. SendOutCards is enabling people to act on these

promptings by providing an online service which helps you send personalized, printed greeting cards

and gifts as a way to make a difference in the lives of others.


Sendoutcards and more benefits?

Sendoutcards unique online greeting card and gift system enables people to act quickly on their

promptings . In less than 60 seconds, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your

heartfelt, inspirational, or cheerful message and click send. They print, stuff, stamp and mail your

personalized greeting cards to any postal address anywhere in the world, all for less than the average

price of a greeting card at the store. The gift selection is icing on the cake to this great service and allows

you to go the extra mile to bring about another smile.

Can you make money with Sendoutcards?sendoutcards

You can also make money with SendOutCards and build your way to financial success. By becoming a

SendOutCards Distributor, you can start your own business

and make money every time people you

bring into the company send greeting cards or gifts with the SendOutCards system. With over 60,000

independent distributors, SendOutCards wants to make it financially possible for people to act on life’s

biggest promptings as they come.





By joining our team you will receive a step by step 90% done for you training 

system as well over $5000 in bonuses to build your future..


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3 Steps on how to have success online!

3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 1)Be yourself and be honest with yourself

have success onlineIn dealing with this first step to have success online , I must say it has to be the most important step above all steps. The reason why I say this is because  so many people get lost in the process of trying to ( make it ) . We only live one time and one of the worst things that people can ever do is lose themselves. When you lose yourself you lose your integrity, and people in time will eventually pick up on the ficticious you versus the real you. To have success online doesnt have to be difficult , but one can make it a long hard road when your dishonesty with yourself.

A few questions to ask yourself in order to have success online:

  1. Do I believe I can do it?
  2. Will I be willing to sacrifice, be patient, learn, and implement?
  3. Will I maintain my integrity ?

…….If you answered yes to those few questions , chances are you will have success online.


3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 2)  Get a mentor/coach

have success onlineThat’s correct, in order to have success online , I cant stress it enough , please get a coach or a mentor. This step is vital and so overlooked by many. I must first admit that I didnt think it was important to have one in trying to have success online, but after having to struggle so much the light bulb finally went off. I realized I needed  coaching and mentorship. In order to have success online you need someone to guide you, some one who has been down your path, made it out , and is willing to help you . This may come with an investment , but think of it like this it will help to speed up the process for your success.


3 Steps on how to have success online :

Step 3) Find a niche that is in demand

have success onlineThis step is the easiest because once you get step 1 and 2 in place , this should come naturally. It mostly will come from what you are passionate about. However because there  so many ways to have success online your passion and mentor will help you to narrow down and pinpoint a good opportunity, whether it will be a mlm, coaching , consulting,etc. Make sure it’s something lucritive  that will render a good residual, or at least something high ticket  that will funnel big payouts over and over.


PS- to have success online wont always be easy, even with these steps you will have some challenges, however, with these steps they will position you far ahead of the game.


Have success online











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Upgrade You – Know Yourself Know Your Worth- Part II – The Principle and Power Of Asking!!

Upgrade You – Know Yourself Know Your Worth- Part II – The Principle and Power Of Asking!!

After masterminding with some good people, and seeing how successful , through the power of asking, many  of the  people are, who are now in my circle, or should I say whom have allowed me in their circle, I realized something that has been in front of me the whole time. It’s an awesome internal discovery when you realize the answer is right in front of you but yet you didn’t see right away.


power of asking

The power of asking is  a biblical, yet universal art of acquiring the success that one believes they are worth. You see when you develop this skill or art of asking it becomes a power, and anything that is a power or has power in it has the extreme ability to present success. I didn’t understand this until I was blessed to be in the company of people who are far better than myself and have developed this skill in an almost perfected way. The art or power of asking doesn’t happen overnight, it’s developed, especially in the business and domestic world.




The power of asking……. presentation really counts!

Much power of asking

power of asking


                                    power of asking                                                         vs


No power of asking

So here we have two examples of the effects a good or bad presentation can have on people, so you may ask what does that have to do with  the power of asking?

Im glad you asked: You see it all goes back to knowing your worth and believing in yourself , coupled with having a vision. If you believe in yourself it shows up in the presentation of you, your service , or product. Believing in you will inspire others and will make you successful, versus having a lack of  belief and not knowing your worth will kill the power of asking, and people will not have confidence in you.


Power of asking The Hidden Question Mark


power of asking


Travis Thornton

Bless and be a blessing








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Power Lead System – The Leads Don’t Stop

Power Lead System

The Power Lead System is one of the most affordable and powerful tool suites on

the internet today. All the amenities needed to succeed online are all wrapped up

in the Power Lead System.


power lead system



Power Lead System

So the question is can money be made with the Power Lead System, being since

the system has been out for almost two years? And to answer that I would say

Absolutely , but like any thing you have to use all the training and tools that are

provided to do. Power Lead System is full of power packed education and ways

to make money ,but it doesn’t run on it’s own. I made money before in another

system which was a system of 100% commissions but after closely examining the

comp plan it really wasn’t 100% commissions , however with this new “twist”,

which I’ll get into later , power lead system has  guaranteed to get your 100%


 Power Lead System – Review

So after watching this video review of the power lead system you should have

some kind of idea of what its all about, which is good because you never want to

join anything without at least checking it out or having some idea of what your

getting into. Never buy into the hype……buy into power lead system.

 Compensation Plan

……As I said earlier you receive 100% commission with power lead system.

There is a every other person pass up with the system. However with this new “twist” , you

still get paid on 50% on all your pass ups, which is very powerful. For example,

lets say one of your pass ups are making  1k / month, you would still get $500

commissions on that pass up. No worries if you don’t quite understand , when

you go through the trainings and comp plan it will come clear to you.

 Marketing Plan

I came to power lead system by a buddy of mine who in 2014 made $900 in 2014 and much of that was from this system.

So one of the fastest, easiest ways to get into profit is to simply SHARE the program with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • If you have an email list, send out a broadcast.
  • Visit a few forums about “making money” and write a few “reviews” and post them (this is free).
  • Post ads on free classified sites.
  • Post video reviews on Youtube
  • Write a few blog posts
  • Run a few paid ad

In the back office of power lead system, you will be given access to private training and tools designed to help you promote the program for profit.

The difference that makes all the difference is YOU.

Will YOU follow the step-by-step instructions, sign up, and take CONSISTENT effort over time with power lead system?

If you do, you will make money. If you don’t, you won’t.

Simple as that.

Lastly, with power lead system you can promote any business online or offline using the tools provided, just thought I would tell you…….. there is more , for example, power lead system has a postcard feature for both online and offline.

Power Lead System –

power lead system

power lead system



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