2015 Shifting The Atmosphere

2015 Shifting The Atmosphere :

People think there are many things that have to take place in order to become what they may consider a success. Some seem to think they have to climb a mountain, walk on water,or jump off a bridge. Ok well , maybe I’m exaggerating a little , lol , but I think you get my point. It really doesn’t take much to begin with. In order to start shifting the atmosphere in 2015 it simply takes one to make decisions about there surroundings, starting the decisions with the mind.

The next question should be , how do I shift the atmosphere?

it’s simple if your ready .

shifting the atmosphere

That’s right folks it may be easier said then done, but honestly the fastest way is to put yourself in the company of people who you would like to be like. Not that you want to be like them in every sense of the word , because you always want to be who you are. However it’s important to be in the atmosphere of people who provoke you to do better in every area of your life.


2015 Shifting The Atmosphere …….

So what are some of the things that we can do in order to start shifting the atmosphere?

Just to name a few

  1. The books you read: that’s right , you will do yourself a great service when you read into things that help to change your mind. By reading self- help / personal development material your actually hanging out with the author whether they are alive or deceased.
  2. The places you attend: This is also crucial to success, because we are more than likely a product of our environment. Who,where or what we keep company with has a great influence on the way we think and act.
  3. The food we eat: The consumption of certain foods are crucial as well. Our eating habits , have a direct effect on our health and with poor eating habits long term will affect our performance. But if we start to change the things we eat, over time we can see how it can have a positive affect on our thinking, and how we approach life.

So as you can see shifting the atmosphere can be done with just a little tweaking of who you are.

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