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genius pay days


Genius Pay Days

wow, so here it is folks Dwayne Golden has out done himself with this brand new product genius pay days. It’s not often that a product is created and very user friendly , but this one definitely is. Many times when you purchase a product , you have to learn it , and leap over walls trying to get it to convert , but with this totally dfy( done for you) system, all the guess work is taken out , believe I know … it’s super easy even for a brand newbie to use.

Genius Pay Days

genius pay days





Some of the features that come with genius pay days:

  • 100 Done For You Products – Set Up and Self Hosted
  • Countdown Clock Overlays to Create Urgency
  • Scarcity Tools Such as Coupon Codes
  • Done for You Sales Pages & Lead Generation Tools
  • Easiest Payment Integration Available
  • Real Time Stats and Conversion Data
  • No Holds Barred, “Connect The Dots” Training Series
  • Done for you email swipes
  • Done for you webinars
  • 30 day training videos
  • Ability to create your own product
  • Ability to create coupon codes
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Etc, etc , the list goes on and on

…..genius pay days , with the payment feature will help you get paid with no delay, with the ability to get paid through paypal, authorize, payza, and linkpoint is powerful. you cant go wrong with this product, all the many bonuses , and step by step training provided , you cant possibly go wrong. Also with the done for you webinars that are in genius pay days, it will not only build your list fast, put money in your pocket, but will also give you the ability to build influence and position you as an authority figure.

Genius Pay Days

Get these other genius products that go along with genius pay days:

Genius Marketing Pro

Webinar Fusion Pro

Genius Trainer Pro

Ps- when you purchase genius pay days or any of the products you will also get my technique to rank blogs and videos free...

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Ultimate Cash Flow Process Review with Keder Cormier

Ultimate Cash Flow Process with Keder Cormier

Its a beautiful beautiful day my friends!

That’s what I use to hear on a motivational call I use to get on a couple of years ago coming from Keder Cormier. He has done it again with a brand new training product called the Ultimate Cash Flow Process. 


Ultimate Cash Flow Process

ultimate cah flow process



Have you ever wondered, seen , heard, or read  how some people make life changing money online. Like having 5 or 10k days , and you wondered if it was even possible? Well Keder Cormier shows us how to do with the Ultimate Cash Flow Process.

In this product training there is a step by step process on how to kill it online and begin to make those life changing pay days. Really, Keder is giving up all the goods, secrets, bells and whistles on how to go about crushing it online , and the beautiful thing about it is he made it very affordable. Guess what ? It’s only $9

That’s correct, you heard it right , $9…….


Ultimate Cash Flow Process– Module and bonus listing





As I said I have purchased other products from Keder but this is about the best that i have seen from him , and believe me he is a trusted brand , get your copy now and start crushing it……..

Ultimate Cash Flow Process…..






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Affiliate Marketing Training101 – Simple But Savey

affiliate marketing trainingAffiliate Marketing Training101 –

Ever thought affiliate marketing was difficult? Well this

product training called affiliate marketing training101 proves it to be almost as simple as picking up money from the ground. Jr Wells has put together a training to help the average person to quickly make money online through affiliate marketing. The crazy part about it is , it’s not just newbies jumping on this hot product but also experienced marketers alike.



Affiliate Marketing Training101 – what’s in it for you


affiliate marketing training 101


Affiliate Marketing Training101

So if you ever needed a step by step guide on how to go about entering affiliate marketing, than affiliate marketing training101  is definately a great product to purchase.

Afilliate Marketing Training 101 has four video trainings

  1. What is affiliate marketing
  2. Where and how to get free products
  3. How to find buyers to for your products
  4. How to cash out on the products

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training101  Also provides for the most current information needed to professionally place you reviews on youtube  and google which is crucial with all of changes taken place on these two platforms.


affiliate marketing training101



Affiliate Marketing Training101

is also one of the most affordable products . It’s only $4, now please dont mistake the low price as a lack of value. Believe when i tell I tell you I have purchased many products and this is by far one of the most value packed  trainings that I have seen. Affiliate marketing training101 is really a product that over delivers and under charges, and even that is an understatement.

Get it now while the getting is good.

Ps . If you thought this was good wait until the next one comes out , so be on the look out.






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Proud Moments Of Memory – Does $100 have power?

Proud Moments Of Memory

proud moments


I know everyone should have a proud moment in their life or many proud moments. I would venture to say that if a person hasn’t experienced and proud moments in their life , they really have not experienced life on the good side. These kinds of experiences are what helps to make life worth living, when you can look back and say I remember this or that and it have a positive lasting effect on you.


Proud Moments

Here is one of many  proud moments about a lady I want to tell you…….No worries Ill give you the short version of it….. Here she had her first child at the age of 17, and life was a bit difficult because her husband was away in the Navy at the time. After coming home and finishing up his duties, one would think that life would get better with many proud moments to encounter, when in fact , it was the complete opposite for her. For many years they struggled over and over, until they separated. After that the struggle just continued, only now she had two more children to deal with, and found herself having to work three jobs to take care of three children.

Life became extremely hard over the years…… but some kind of way , through faith she was able to survive with the many challenges that she was faced with.


Proud Moments Of Memory – Does $100 have power?

So there you have it folks, this undoubtedly is one of my best proud moments in my life, and even though pride in many cases is look upon as a negative, there are many, many things in life to be proud of in a good and positive way. On that day the $100 had power because the giving of it came with purpose.



Proud Moments Of Memory

proud moments

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My Hawaiian Takeover (Dream Chasing)

My Hawaiian Takeover

My Hawaiian Takeover


It’s that feeling that you get when ,you can’t sleep ,and you know good things are happening and about to

happen. My Hawaiian takeover was such an incredible experience. Of course I didn’t literally takeover

Hawaii,that would be impossible to do on my own lol, but training that we received was enough for any

individual who wants to build an honest business model, and take control over their lifestyle.


my hawaiian takeoverOne of the key things that I

took from Nate Obryant’s

Mastermind was really

believing in your worth . No

one person can truely define

your worth but you. If you

believe your only worth $5 ,

than guess what ? Your worth

$5, but on the flip side of that

if you believe your worth

$5k, than obviously that’s what your worth.


My Hawaiian Takeover

In my Hawaiian takeover mastermind I realize that there are so many ways to create wealth online. The

Webinar Boss  is  key and has taught me that there is more than one way to succeed if we learn to think

out of the box. If your like me and get tired of the constant recruiting and just want to learn how to go

forward and create different income streams , than this is where it’d at with Webinar Boss.  In my

hawaiian takeover, I also learned that one of the best things you can do for your business is to start to

brand yourself , and stand out from the crowd. this will definitely help you to succeed long term and

develop a respected image.


My Hawaiian Takeover

my hawaiian takeover


……Nate Obryant  and I both know about my Hawaiian

takeover. We had such an awesome time in Hawaii, and

someone asked me if I would ever go back and the answer is

yes, yes , and yes again. in events like this is most often where

the magic happens for those who are dream chasers.


.My Hawaiian Takeover was more than just a trip , it was a breakthrough for many.

You can receive the same breakthroughs I did.

I want to invite you into our community, and here is a few things you will get if you get Webinar Boss from me:

  1. Free coaching from me
  2. How to brand yourself
  3. How to build funnels and write you own ticket
  4. Learn about consulting and much more….

my hawaiian takeover


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