How “Spiders Webs” Influence Goal Reaching

How “Spiders Webs” Influence Goal Reaching



The Uniqueness “Spiders Webs”……

"spiders webs"So listen have you ever been outside to clean off some “spiders webs”, and you noticed later that day or the next day there was more webs? I’m sure you have , loll. They are very irritating , especially if you have run into any, early in the morning while leaving out for work or going to the store. They are very irritating mainly because of their consistency of building a web for the catching of their prey and for their survival, just as it was in the short children’s story I mentioned earlier.


What about you and “Spider Webs”?

There is a comparison that can be manifested if we learn to take on the constant challenges of life and ignore the distractions that come our way when building our very own “spider webs” . Yes, building an empire or safe haven in terms of wealth and reaching our goals isn’t easy . Those distractions of life will come , whether, it’s friends, family, old habits, other shiny objects, etc, etc, in fact you can’t stop them from appearing but you can certainly maintain a certain mindset in order to overcome them.

There you have it my friends , so now it’s time to go out , if you have not already to start spinning those “spider webs”,  removing distractions and begin to create a personal shift in your life. Nothing will happen until frustration of being the same kicks you butt enough , and that frustration becomes your motivating factor. Until next time , peace and blessings….


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It’s Your Time Now – Overcome Your fear/s and win in life and business!

It’s Your Time Now


That’s right  your heard it , it’s your time now. You only live one time so why not take advantage of the time that God has given you. One of the things I discover in talking to many different individuals there is a great amount of fear that exist in the mind of people, and that’s for various reasons. Let’s not forget that fear can handicap your future in a major way. I don’t claim to know it all but what I do know is that you can be physically able to succeed, have the intelligence needed, have the right system , all of the tools , bells and whistles, but if there is a fear factor dominating your mind , even with having all the attributes to succeed , you will still be stuck.


It’s Your Time Now – Your Time To Overcome it

your timeThat’s right you heard it. It’s your time, so you may be asking the question how do you overcome the fear. Let me tell you what Les Brown said ” feel the fear and do it anyway”. In the process of believing it’s your time , you will go through many obstacles and try many things to overcome your fears . I admit trying different strategies may help but the best strategy or advice  I believe is simply what Les said….

You see fear works in two ways when confronted with it:

  1. It will motive you or
  2. It will handicap you

But since it’s your time, let’s adopt the 1st choice and allow yourself to be motivated by it. Be like Les feel the the fear and do it anyway, in other words go forward in becoming a success it’s the best way to overcome by confronting  it and perform the task you fear. Yes it is easier said than done but anything challenging , when practiced enough will become easier done then said.


It’s Your Time Now- Tell Your Story

storyThat’s right you heard it, It’s your time . So the last thing to do as you start to overcome your fear/s and then overcome them completely, is to simply tell your story. Some people are afraid to tell their story because they feel it’s insignificant , or your story may be similar to someone else. But that’s the best time to tell it because there is still a world out there that will be touched by you and the value you bring to the table.  The great thing about the value you put in the cosmos is it’s there forever in the heart and mind of those you attract.


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Biweekly pay Say Bye To Biweekly Pay- Get Checks In Between Checks

Say By To Bi Weekly Pay -Get Checks In Between Checks

I know  what it is and what it feels like to struggle financially, even with weekly or biweekly pay. This is why you really should learn to get checks in between your checks. It’s ok to struggle because most of us were not born with the silver spoon, but whats not ok is remaining in that state, especially when something can be done about it. One motto that I live by is “you only live once , it’s time to get up and upgrade your life”


Say By To Bi Weekly Pay -Get Checks In Between Checks into your paypal account….

Biweekly pay …… just saying it sounds a bit crazy, and if you think like me  2 weeks is 2 long. I mean just think, you may get paid on the first or the fifteenth or the fifteenth and the thirtieth , what ever it may be ,those 2 weeks 2 long actually seems like two years . Anything can happen and because we live in a rapidly changing world , its important that while we work a nine to five, that we find a way to get paid daily, and that whats we teach with our consistent checks system… Imagine developing a routine where you can actually get paid daily. When this starts to happen you wont stress for the next two weeks about your biweekly pay.  So now is the time to make something happen…


Say By To Biweekly Pay- Get Checks In Between Checks…That’s right this can happen for you….

biweekly pay, 2 weeks 2 long


I talk to so many people who say they need extra money, and believe me I know how that feels. I remember many times having to borrow money in between pay days, but I took action on making a shift  in my situation and you too can eventually say good bye to biweekly pay. Take action now and change your situation. Click the image below….


Say By To Biweekly Pay- Get Checks In Between Checks.


biweekly pay , 2 weeks 2 long


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Genius Pay Days Review – Time To Get Paid


genius pay days


Genius Pay Days

wow, so here it is folks Dwayne Golden has out done himself with this brand new product genius pay days. It’s not often that a product is created and very user friendly , but this one definitely is. Many times when you purchase a product , you have to learn it , and leap over walls trying to get it to convert , but with this totally dfy( done for you) system, all the guess work is taken out , believe I know … it’s super easy even for a brand newbie to use.

Genius Pay Days

genius pay days





Some of the features that come with genius pay days:

  • 100 Done For You Products – Set Up and Self Hosted
  • Countdown Clock Overlays to Create Urgency
  • Scarcity Tools Such as Coupon Codes
  • Done for You Sales Pages & Lead Generation Tools
  • Easiest Payment Integration Available
  • Real Time Stats and Conversion Data
  • No Holds Barred, “Connect The Dots” Training Series
  • Done for you email swipes
  • Done for you webinars
  • 30 day training videos
  • Ability to create your own product
  • Ability to create coupon codes
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Etc, etc , the list goes on and on

…..genius pay days , with the payment feature will help you get paid with no delay, with the ability to get paid through paypal, authorize, payza, and linkpoint is powerful. you cant go wrong with this product, all the many bonuses , and step by step training provided , you cant possibly go wrong. Also with the done for you webinars that are in genius pay days, it will not only build your list fast, put money in your pocket, but will also give you the ability to build influence and position you as an authority figure.

Genius Pay Days

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